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Fake GPS is a handy tool for virtually locating you somewhere other than where you are. You can pretend to be anywhere else on the globe using this program without ever leaving your home. You may utilize them in a variety of ways by using this to trick other apps into thinking you are somewhere else.

When you start the application, finding the precise location where you will position yourself should be your top priority. Fake GPS is a highly accurate tool if you want to locate yourself in a specific area of a particular site. Therefore it is wise to expand the instructions. Once you have found the right location.

Fake GPS

If you choose to activate the fake website, your device will be tracked down there regardless of where you are.

Once your fake location has been activated, you will remain there until you make a showing. To stop using Counterfeit GPS, return it and press the “Stop” button. This region will be kept once you have finished using it so that you can locate yourself nearby without having to seek the exact location you were at.

If you choose to activate the fake website, your device will be tracked down there regardless of where you are.

It allows you to fake your position without being present and sends it to anyone using location-enabled apps. With a single click, you can cancel or activate your new location.

App With Fake GPS Feature

  • With this program, you can choose the map type according to your needs from satellite, normal, train, or hybrid.
  • Using this program, you can look up an address or a set of coordinates and use them as your fictitious location.
  • Due to its capabilities for pin drop selection, Fake GPS Free is a fantastic tool for creating a false area.
  • You can keep track of a list of your favorite places that you want to mimic.
  • You must enable Developer Options to use the app, proving it is functional.

Methods For Faking Your GPS Location

Changing your location on Snapchat or watching Netflix shows only available in other countries are just a few reasons to spoof your GPS location on Android. Thankfully, doing so is relatively easy. Download the necessary software and follow simple instructions to get started. Let’s examine some Android apps you might use and how to set them up to spoof your GPS location.

Selecting the Best App

If you’ve decided that spoofing your GPS is something you want to perform, you should download the proper application. First, choosing one of the best VPN services would be better if you merely need to change your location to access a streaming service and don’t need to fake your GPS position. If all you want is a great free VPN, Privado might be your best bet.

Once you’ve decided on the best option, it’s time to download and install the app on your smartphone. Contrary to iOS, all these apps are available for free download from the Play Store without jailbreaking your smartphone or going to unauthorized software repositories. Additionally, rooting your device is not necessary for installing or using the app. 

Almost all smartphones can be used with these apps, with a few exceptions. Since it has a high user rating and is easy to use, we’re utilizing Fake GPS Location for this guide. The basic setup instructions will remain the same regardless of which app you use. Thus there shouldn’t be any issues.

Setting the Correct Parameters

  1. Open the settings menu on your Phone, then navigate to the “About Phone” section. From there, you can activate developer options. Some devices may refer to these settings as “System” or by any other name.
  2. To view the following menu, select Software Information right now.
  3. Locate Build Number by scrolling down the list of choices. Seven times in a row, tap this choice. A brief notice reading “five steps away from being a developer” can be found at the bottom.
  4. After the seventh tap, you’ll need to enter your Phone’s unlock code. The Developer mode has been enabled notice appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. We can now instruct your Phone to send your location using the Fake GPS app rather than the actual site.

Fake GPS Download

Setting Up the Mock Location

Now, you’ll see a new selection in your settings menu. Now that we have the new Developer menu open, we must designate Fake GPS as the default location tool. This is how:

1. Developer options may be found by scrolling down below About Phone. Tap it.

2. Next, we must select the Mock Location App option by tapping it.

3. Decide which GPS location-spoofing app you’ll be utilizing.

Setting your location is the next step once you’ve chosen the app.

Choose Your False Location

We’ll demonstrate how to configure the Fake GPS Location app for your location. But whichever program you use, the instructions are essentially the same.

Open the GPS app, then choose the checkbox to grant location access to your devices.

To position, the slider where you want it, use your finger. Additionally, the zoom-in and out options (+ and -) make it simpler to set the precise location.

Tap the Play button once your location has been set. Your new place is then operational.

GPS Location Mod

It would help if you placed the crosshairs over your intended target spot to fake a GPS location. After doing that, a brief advertisement will play when you click the small Play symbol in the bottom right corner.

Following the advertisement, you can use the joystick to move your location around the map or disable it and let the software operate in the background.

You can experiment with various choices, such as making a path, deleting advertisements, establishing favorite locations, and more.

How to download Fake GPS?

  • On the subsequent page, download the file from the download button.
  • You may see the downloading report within the notification bar.
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