Empowering Futures: Exploring the National University Journey

National University is an accredited private university located in San Diego, California. It has smaller campuses across California and one in Nevada. National University offers many degree programs. They are for adults returning to college, working professionals, and service members. In this article, we will learn more about National University.

History of National University

Dr. David Chigos founded National University in 1971 in San Diego. It was designed for adult students and active-duty military personnel. They want to finish or advance their education. In the 1970s and 1980s, National University focused on training teachers. It also focused on developing professionals in business and engineering. It started programs in healthcare, technology and digital media later on. Enrollment at National grew quickly over the years. Today, National University educates over 25,000 students per year. They study at its locations and online.

Academic Programs at National University

National University has grown. It now offers over 75 undergraduate and graduate degrees. It also offers 23 teacher credential/certificate programs across its schools and colleges. Areas of study include business, education, health, technology and liberal arts. Popular majors incorporate accounting, cybersecurity, nursing, special education, organizational leadership and more. Classes usually meet once a week on evenings or weekends to fit working schedules. Many programs are available fully online if needed. Over 20% of students attend online. About 700 faculty members teach small classes. They are spread across National’s professional schools and colleges.

National University Campuses

The main National University campus is in Kearny Mesa. It is in the center of San Diego county. Other National University locations are in northern and southern California. They have classrooms, libraries, and labs. These locations are in cities like Los Angeles, Fresno, Redding, and San Jose. There are also locations in Costa Mesa, Rancho Cordova, and Bakersfield. Each California center allows adult scholars to access convenient higher education. It fits around their families and careers. Additionally, National University opened a campus in 2018. It’s in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas. Evening and online classes are available at all centers. They offer flexibility for real-world learners. These students balance life responsibilities with advancing degrees part-time.

Cost and Affordability at National University

National University is a private non-profit. It focuses on career-enhancing adult education programs. It is affordably priced compared to other private universities. But, it still delivers a high-quality experience. Annual tuition averages around $17,100. This is very cheap for private higher education. Over 85% of National University students receive some financial aid. Scholarships, aid for military tuition, and employer benefits help working scholars. They use them to pay for their degrees. They can do so without taking on excessive debt compared to other options.

Student Services at National University

National University has departments, resources, and staff to help adult scholars. These scholars have life obligations that create unique challenges. They must balance learning with busy careers or family needs. Academic and financial advising guide students making optimized decisions. Tutoring, writing services, and library resources help. They acclimate individuals returning to college. New student orientations do this too. The offices exist to help the military and veterans. They also help disabled students, support diversity, and enrich campus life. They enrich experiences despite busy, personalized schedules.

Reputation of National University

National University holds regional accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission. It recognizes the university’s quality standards. These standards are aligned with those of top schools. The accreditation allows it to grant valid bachelor’s and master’s degrees. National is also respected for its strong track record. It prepares adult students for career advancement. The programs are flexible, affordable, and focused. The programs are connected to in-demand fields. Alumni move on to leadership roles. They are in education, technology, business, healthcare, security, and more. National University has built an admirable model. It inspires lifelong achievements. It does this by staying responsive to workforce needs and supporting students fully.

Notable National University Alumni

Over 170,000 alumni have graduated from National University. This happened over the past five decades. Many have earned degrees part-time. They did so as adult learners while working or serving our country. They did this before moving up into prestigious roles. For example, the accomplished actress Kathy Baker studied theater at National. She did this early in her career. NASA astronaut Victor Glover completed his MS degree at National. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria recently taught as an adjunct professor. He taught at National University. He did this before entering public service full-time.

The Future of National University

The 21st century workforce is changing quickly. This is due to technology disruptions and new fields. National University is poised to keep adapting its programs. These changes help driven adults. New bachelor’s degrees in allied health sciences. Also, more technology and computer science offerings at various levels. And expanded online access. These all build on existing flexible options. These options benefit mid-career professionals. The professionals are committed and want to upskill for new economy roles. Military partnerships also bolster National University’s mission serving those who serve. Investments change programs and support students. They make National an agile leader in adult education.

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National University is crucial. It shapes the future of many people worldwide. It serves as a gateway to knowledge, opportunity, and personal growth. A national university is like a big family. It welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. It offers them a place to learn, connect, and thrive together.

Imagine walking through the doors of a national university for the first time. You’re greeted by smiling faces, bustling corridors, and a sense of excitement in the air. It’s a place where friendships are forged, ideas are exchanged, and dreams are born. From the youngest learners to seasoned scholars, everyone has a place at the table.

At a national university, learning is not just about textbooks and lectures. It’s about discovery and exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions. They should challenge assumptions and think critically about the world around them. It’s doing experiments in the lab. It’s debating in the classroom. Or, it’s working on group projects. Each is a chance to grow and learn.

But beyond academics, a national university is also a community. It’s a place where students celebrate diversity. They share experiences and support each other through life’s ups and downs. There’s something for everyone to get involved in, from sports teams to cultural clubs. You can find a place to belong.

As students progress through their studies, they gain knowledge. They also develop important life skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills will help them far beyond the university. They will aid in their careers and in making a positive impact on the world.

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